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Welcome to LncRBase V.2 - A repository of LncRNAs

This second version of LncRBase contains information about lncRNAs from 8 species which includes human, mouse, fly, zebrafish, rat, chicken, C.elegans and cow and 5,49,368 unique lncRNA entries. The ultimate goal of LncRBase is to provide information on basic lncRNA transcript features, with additional details on genomic location, overlapping small noncoding RNAs, associated Repeat Elements, lncRNA promoter information etc. with an added section of clinical importance named “ClinicLSNP” which hosts information about SNPs present within lncRNAs.

LncRBase V.2


   What’s new :

  • Six new species: Bos taurus , Caenorhabditis elegans , Drosophila melanogaster, Danio rerio , Gallus gallus and Rattus norvegicus

  • sORF information within lncRNAs

  • Possible Transcription factors (TFs) in promoter region of lncRNA gene of human.

  • Predicted Cellular localization of lncRNAs

  • lncRNA loci harbouring miRNAs

  • Normal tissue specific lncRNA expression across multiple samples.

Total 243254 Novel and 571886 dbSNP annotated unique SNPs mapped in lncRNAs detected from 280 tissue and 281 cell line samples of human Breast , Ovarian and Cervical cancer.

  • lncRNA-SNP association based on cancer subtype.

  • lncRNAs associated with Tag SNPs.

  • Structural pertubation score of SNP associated lncRNAs.

  • Deleterious score of SNPs.

  • ClinVar SNPs in lncRNAs.

  • SNP overlapping with Repeats in lncRNAs.

  • SNP overlapping with TFBSs in lncRNAs.

  • SNP overlapping with CGIs in lncRNAs.


Cite: Troyee Das , Aritra Deb , Sibun Parida , Sudip Mondal , Sunirmal Khatua & Zhumur Ghosh (2020): LncRBase V.2: an updated resource for multispecies lncRNAs and ClinicLSNP hosting genetic variants in lncRNAs for cancer patients, RNA Biology, DOI: 10.1080/15476286.2020.1833529


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